Exquisite American Swiss Engagement and Wedding Rings

Around the country, you can find American Swiss retail stores selling exquisite American Swiss engagement and wedding rings to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. If you can’t get yourself to a store, consider having a look at their online catalogue to see what stone and setting options are available for both men and women.


Customise that blinging ring

It can be fun for couples to design exquisite American Swiss engagement and wedding rings together. American Swiss will take you through the process of choosing the ideal ring for you. You can use the customising service on the website. You first click on your favourite style (how many jewels there are, how these jewels are set etc.), you then choose your metal type, the weight of the centre stone and the quality of the diamond. You then click on “finish” and the website will estimate how much your dram ring will cost you. You also have the choice of going through this process in-store and getting an experienced jeweller to help you decide what design will set you sparkling.


Page from American Swiss rings catalogue


What metal should I choose?

  • Platinum is the most valuable and precious of all metals due to its purity and rarity. Any gemstone set in platinum will be enhanced by the metal’s rich lustre. Platinum is also very strong, meaning that it is easy to maintain. You can order platinum jewellery at American Swiss on request through the design service offered by the jewellery retailer.
  • Glittering, shining gold has been another popular choice for wedding and engagement rings for many years. It provides a perfect setting for all jewels and gemstones. Pure gold is soft, yellow and heavy; because it is too soft for durable jewellery, other metals are added to pure gold to make is a harder alloy. The metals added to gold will also change its colour, for example; white metals for white gold (which is always plated with rhodium for a clean finfish) or copper for rose gold. Gold quality is rated by the carat system: 18ct for 18 parts gold, 6 parts alloy; 14ct for 14 parts gold to 10 parts alloy; and 9ct for 9 parts of god with 15 parts of alloy.
  • The whitest and brightest of the metals is silver, and, like gold, other metals are added to pure silver to make it more durable. Silver is shiny when polished, but is also available in matte finished. Make sure that the silver wedding or engagement ring you choose has a “925” stamp, meaning that the ring had a silver content of about 93%, known as sterling silver.
  • A metal that has a similar appearance to silver is stainless steel, which is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for men’s jewellery. Stainless steel is a strong and robust metal.


Diamonds that make the cut

Like precious metals, not all diamonds are created equal, so before you choose a wedding or engagement ring from American Swiss it is best to have some idea of what you are actually buying so that you can show it off with pride.

The diamond’s quality and value are determined by the “5 Cs”:

  1. cut
  2. colour
  3. carat
  4. clarity
  5. confidence


Dare to be a Diamonnaire

With each diamond purchased from American Swiss, you will be given a guarantee certificate and status as a “Diamonnaire”. This document is the American Swiss seal of approval for your diamond, which would have been carefully selected and graded, beautifully crafted and would have passed a number of strict quality control checks before landing its way onto your finger.

American Swiss have an excellent reputation for their quality products and services, so when it comes time to slip an engagement or wedding ring on the finger of your significant other you can be sure that they will make that moment all the more special.